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4 June 2020

Well, due to Scottish Coronavirus lockdown, there is not much we can do, not allowed to meet up, rehearsal rooms shut, recording studios shut. All bars and venues closed….not a great time for a band but Mike and Renaldo have been working on new ideas for when we can get together again.

8 MAY 2020

Have a listen. If you don’t like the first song you click on, try another. You will definitely find something you like on this album. 🙂
New album “Once Around The Sun” is picking up great reviews. We would also like to say thanks to all the DJ’s around the world who are playing the album.
Here are a few of the reviews…..

“Once Around the Sun’ comprises nine tracks of lushly composed and executed progressive rock where every note has a place. The whole album is joyously created and contains a part of every member. It speaks of the wonder of fresh spring days, a hazy and never ending summer, the first leaves that fall on a beautiful autumn day and the joy and warmth to be had sat in front of a log fire with those you love.”

“All in all, this is a stunning follow-up to the debut, showing how the band has evolved into an excellent unit. Don’t delay, just go and get a copy of Once Around The Sun and sample what is a masterpiece of modern prog with huge leanings to the “old style,” played by musicians who have dreamed the dream and have now delivered the dream. The dream has a name, and the name is Once Around The Sun.”

“With the provenance flowing through the band, Long Earth were never going to produce anything but a great follow up to ‘The Source’ but in ‘Once Around The World’ everything seems to have clicked and we see a band nearing their creative zenith. Take my advice, go and listen to what may well be one of 2020’s subliminal releases.”

“A musically engaging and utterly enthralling album with gentle but insightful lyrics which make you sit up and take notice.”

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed the album.

The full reviews can be found on the Long Earth Facebook page.
Check out the new album for free. If you like what you hear you can buy or download from Bandcamp, itunes, Amazon or the Long Earth website.

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are unable to get out to promote the album through live gigs.
It would be a great help to the band if you could share this post with anyone you think would like our music.

18 March 2020

CDs finally arrived on 18 March and have been sent out! Downloads available on bandcamp and iTunes. CD can be purchased from our shop.

A really nice review of Once Around The Sun by Progradar can be found here

An interview with Philippe Andre of Profilprog in France can be found here

A taster video with snippets from Once Around The Sun can be found here.
Not the final master mix as the tracks are still being mastered.

The final artwork for Once Around The Sun is being created but it will be based on this draft

TShirts for the album launch have arrived! Looking good.

Final mixing of Once Around The Sun is complete and the album is off for mastering at last. Release date is set for 16 March and preorders are avalable at


A nice Prog Radar review of The Source from 2017 can be found here

Our hunt for a new Lead Vocalist is over – after many auditions, we are pleased to announce that Martin Haggarty has taken on the role. Martin formed Glasgow “post punk” outfit Lost Weekends in 1983 during a Lou Reed/Iggy Pop phase before joining Abel Ganz for a brief spell and 5 or 6 gigs (1985?). He joined short-lived proggers Masque in 86 before forming Field of Vision 1987. After 4 years, FoV took a hiatus that lasted until 2013, when the 3 core members reformed to write new music, some of which featured on 2015’s Viccissitudes of Life EP, and 2016 single The Dagger. FoV continue to write and record as a studio-only project, but with a desire to return to live music and a surplus of musical ideas, the opportunity to join a couple of former bandmates in Long Earth was too good to resist.

25/1/2018 Long Earth has decided to part company with Neil Mackie. We all wish him well with his future projects and, for 2018, Long Earth will be pushing ahead with producing our second album.