Once Around The Sun

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CDs Have Arrived!


Once Around The Sun was released on CD on 18 March 2020

Finally finished the mixdown of Once Around The Sun at Maybank Studios with Matt Harvey.
Tracks then had a critical listen to before being sent off to Fluid Mastering for final master for CD and download.
A bit later than planned but we were not happy with the first mix and wanted to get the balance fixed. The final product looks and sounds good


We thought it would be interesting to ask Martin for a short description of the background to the lyrics for Once Around The Sun….

A Guy From Down the Road,

I had written the basic lyrics for a previous band, but never got to use them. However, this piece of music just seemed to fit perfectly. Kismet!  There are a couple of things that struck me about male serial killers (as most of them are) – so many of them seem to target sex workers, and they all seem to get away with their terrible crimes for so long, possibly because once they are discovered, their friends, colleagues and neighbours almost always say the same thing – he seemed OK, very ordinary. In fact, just a guy from down the road.

My Suit of Armour

We are all on a journey, and some of us enjoy/endure a longer journey than others. But the longer the journey, the more bumps along the road. We grow, we leave home, fall in love, lose people, and most of us learn somehow to keep going, sometimes in the face of overwhelming adversity.  

The Four Seasons Suite

When I joined the band, there was a lot of music already written, but not necessarily arranged as there were no lyrics or themes apart from a couple of lines Renaldo had ad-libbed for the piece that became Winter. I felt that these four pieces all had a seasonal feeling to them, and came up with the concept of four seasonal pieces. The optimism of Spring, the warmth of Summer, the glory then rapid decay of Autumn, and the cold bleak Winter blues. It occurred to me that this was very much like the arc of a failed relationship, so it became the story of a couple that starts, flourishes, cools, then ends, all during one trip around the Sun.

The Man in the Mirror

Humans are complex beings, capable of great things, and terrible savagery. Everyone, has their dark side to some degree. Sometimes, when you really screw up, you can barely recognise yourself in the mirror. 

We Own Tomorrow

The title for this one is from an interview I heard with the climber Joe Simpson, celebrated author of “Touching the Void”. He said that man is the only creature which has a concept of the future, and therefore we own tomorrow. Whilst this appears to be factually correct, the empirical evidence seems to suggest strongly otherwise!  We only have the one world, yet despite the obvious warnings, we seem intent on destroying it.

What About Love?

We are only on this planet for the briefest time, but love doesn’t always end when someone dies. It can live on in the hearts of our friends and families, in our words and through our deeds, in great stories and songs. And yet it’s intangible – sometimes we don’t even know it’s there.