Breaking Radio Silence

Well, it's been a while since the last news post, mainly because we've been busy. First, just before Christmas Martin released a charity single in aid of War Child which featured a number of guest musicians. This was preceded by Mike Baxter appearing on musician and best-selling author Peter May's album. Peter is a long-standing friend of both Mike and our drummer Alex, and one of the characters in a series of Peter's books is actually inspired by Mike as a result of his career in Forensics.  

Otherwise, work has continued on the new album An Ordinary Life. We broke with tradition on this album, seeking to inject a different vibe into the sound by recording the basic tracks “live” in the studio rather than piecing it together like a jigsaw as was done on The Source and Once Around the Sun. We mixed the last album in Maybank Studios, Glasgow and enjoyed the experience so much we returned there for all the tracking this time around, with the exception of all the vocals which will be recorded in Martin's own studio.  So far, it is sounding immensely powerful, and by the end of February, all the instrumental recording should be finished along with most of the vocals too. All looking good for release in Spring ahead of our gig with The Emerald Dawn at the end of May, and our appearance at the Soundle Festival on 1st June (see SHOWS page for details). 

More updates from the studio soon.